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Posted over on DW but thought I would share here too :)

So, my good mate asked me if I could sort if his girlfriend's Mini Cooper. It hadn't been washed in about a year and was about 10 years old.

I wanted to do the inside and outside. After an initial inspection, it appeared the the rear driver side panel was bubbling/rusting...looks as if it had previously been in an accident and repaired poorly so I had to take caution when working on it.

Anyhoo, done this over 2 days, first day was spent doing the interior and the exterior on the second, process below;

Car on arrival

Some lovely green mould :)

Inside was a tad worn too...

Some scuffs

So, as stated, decided to do the interior first. Started by wet-vacing the mats and seats and giving the interior a right good hoover and clean with AS G101

Treated the leather parts of the seats with Gliptone

Second day, exterior was started. Went around the car hitting the mould, gaps, shuts, vents with AS G101 and also done the wheels with G101 .

Wheels were then hit with Iron-X and Tardis

Clean wheels

Decided to go around the trim with G101 then Tardis

Obligatory snow foam shot courtesy of Krystal Kleen Detail Blizzard

Car was then washed using 2BM and Britemax Clean Max

Car was then clayed (there were 2 of these!)

Gave it a final hit with Iron-X, Tardis then cleaned again and dried off

Decided that I would polish it with AF Tripple via DA...50/50 shot below. Tripple is such a great product and gives excellent results.

Finished off the paintwork with Fusso Soft99 Dark then treated the trim with Krystal Kleen Detail TrimX...loved it

Treated the tyres with AF Satin, interior dash with gtechniq C6, glass cleaned with 50Cal Glass Cleaner, freshened inside with Mainz Berry Desirable, alloys coated with FK 1000P, exhaust polished with Britemax Metal Twins, undercarriage with CG Bare Bones...finished product below...

Hope you enjoyed :)


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That is amazing. Funny thing is that my missus has exactly the same car in the same original shape.
Said I was going to clean it and touch it up bit you have just put me to shame :p
Great work.

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