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I recently wandered into a second-hand car dealer in search of a Ford Focus, but my eye was drawn by a rather dejected looking Honda Civic.

I've never felt the need to spend much money on cars, having spent a lifetime in engineering and raised by a father who had a garage and a shed, but i've always had a soft spot for Honda bikes and heard good things about the build quality and reliability of their cars, so I looked a little further.

It's was an 06 plate, iCTDi-EX with 100k on the clock and no service history. The body showed signs of some arse with a key, rear driver side indicator outer was broken, some of the exterior trim looked a little dishevelled and it had 4 different tyres on it.

Interior was clean, she had 2 keys and sparked into life. No smoke, and all the lights went out. A test drive proved all 7 gears engaged and she pulled happily to 3k. No knocks over speed bumps, and the brakes worked fine. The exhaust looked clean and tidy and it had just enough oil in it.

He wanted £1250 “sold as seen guv'ner”. I waved £1000 under his nose, and drove it away.

Experience tells me that internet owners forums are an absolute gold-mine of information when you need it, so I found myself here ready to embark on a 100k service.

I sourced engine oil and filter, air, fuel and pollen filters, transmission fluid, coolant and injector cleaner, £145 in parts.
Brake fluid is clean, brake pads fine, but front discs 1mm under spec, so am budgeting for front and rear discs and pads and a new set of tyres before the MOT, which incidentally, is end of June.

Deeper inspection shows she has fresh front shocks, drop links, outer CV joints and front wheel bearings, bonus :smile3:. But the passenger inner front wing is knackered and the fog light the same, sorted for £55 ebay.

The rear end looks original and unmolested, Underneath, I had to spend a few quid on ebay for plastic plugs and clips, but I now have a stock in the stores and the bumpers and trim don't flap about anymore. £15 ebay, but i did buy loads.

I bought the correct owners manuals in an original wallet, and my old favourite, a Haynes manual. £35 ebay.

You can tell, by now i'm getting in to it. So I bought her some tailored mats.:smile3:

There's always a down side.

Battery was a semi-knacker. These Hondas use a lot of elastic-trickery and who wants to be stranded? so new battery, £90.
First week commuting to work noted a hesitation and surging around 1500rpm, quick search with you guys pointed the finger at the EGR valve. Gaskets and cleaner sourced, the EGR was properly gummed up and not functioning, so a good clean and lubricate/exercise. £20, and not a difficult job, easier than the bloody fuel filter! Seems to have done the job.

The mirrors don't move and the A/C doesn't blow cold yet, but that's for the future. Love the style and shape of the Mk8 Civic, all the gadgets, whistles and bells, most of which work (see above), i can even talk to her in Japanese..................:nerd:

So, THANK YOU for this site and all the contributors, past and present.


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