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Mr X said:
As a quick summary, we sell bucket and reclining sports seats, harnesses, HANS devices and helmets. These will be listed as packages in our TrackSmart forum section, as separate threads. You can also visit our website;


Please note that our website is very new and still under development - we will be adding to it soon!

Hi all,

On behalf of the TrackSmart team, I’d like to welcome everyone to our dedicated forum section! Let me start by telling you a little bit about us, and explaining what we can offer both you and your car.

We set up in 2014 as a ‘new-age’ supplier – most of our operation involves delivery direct from the manufacturer, slashing overheads and allowing us to offer greater value to you, the customer. Driving is our passion, and over the years we have found a few simple modifications that can help maximise the driving enjoyment of any car.

Take the drivers seat for example – often overlooked, it’s the only thing that holds you into your car. Almost everything you feel when driving comes through your seat; a tightly fitting, stiff shelled one can transform the feel of your car, giving you far more ‘seat of the pants’ feedback and a lower seating position, as well as giving increased comfort.

It’s not always that simple, though. Hours of research is usually required to find a suitable fitment, and finding mounting options for many cars – especially the Civic – often seems near impossible.

Our buying process is designed to take this hassle away completely. We’re able to ship bespoke seat mounts over from the USA to fit almost any vehicle and seat combination, and are one of the UK’s only suppliers to do this, meaning that you’ll be able to fit almost any type of seat to your car.

Safety is also a primary concern of ours, meaning that we do our best to bring you quality harnesses, HANS devices and helmets at an affordable price for all the track day goers here (of which I am one!). We will soon be posting some useful guides on the forum, which will hopefully be of benefit to Civinfo users who take their cars on track.

We also offer free UK delivery, 14-day returns, our price match guarantee, and expert advice at all times. Using the internet as our showroom, we hope to offer you a buying experience like no other, and very much look forward to becoming a part of the Civinfo community! :)

View our Honda packages >>

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