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Well I've had my Type R GT a year tomorrow (bought it 6 months old)....it's my 6th Civic but first Type R...

It's been a interesting year to say the least - at first I wondered if I'd made a mistake buying on a whim and saying balls to practicality (not the 3 doors - just the it's a Type R what were you thinking? sort of practicality).

Then once I accepted the fuel consumption - and watched petrol prices soar - I started to enjoy the drive - i'm no red line junkie and don't take it to the edge every journey but when I feel the need - pow!!!

The quality has upset me at times - the paint? Well we all know it's a vexing subject so I'll move on......rust on the top of the doors however was a real shocker!:mad:

I had an issue with my front bumper fit - eventually getting sorted out after 8 months!!

I learned HUK will try to help, but if your local dealers manager decides to be a wazzok then it can be a problem - but a big thanks to the bodyshop guys for being much better than the dealer was!

I haven't really noticed the 3rd gear issue - maybe I'm lucky and I have hardly had a rattle.

But the best thing?

Well, it's walking towards it when it's shining like a new pin and getting in.....turning the key.....feeling like a kid for a moment when a voice in your head goes "use the force Luke" as the dash lights up and then... pausing your finger over the start button....

That's when I remember why I wanted it.

So, a year has passed and I'm still happy, I might consider trading in for a new one in Silver because of the paint, if the deal was good, but I'm not looking properly.
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