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Well, I've had my civic for about three months now... And just thought id let you all know what I think...

It's a 55 plate es... 1.8

I've got a coupe of little issues, the first one is I keep opening the bonet by mistake... (I went away last weekend and went to a serviced petrol station (where you stay in the car...) bloke said to open the fuel cap...
So I pulled the wrong lever.

The gas struts for the boot seem to be pathetic... They barely support the boot and they have... No oomph?
Is this normal? It's the same with the passenger door... Has no ooomph (the car does though!!!)

Also the climate control knob (love climate control) gets noticeably warm during long drives...

And finally, the rev indicator lights seem kind of useless... I wanted to see how far I could go before they came on...
I was in first... Got to nearly 40mph before the lights came on... Seem kind of pointless?

All that said....I LOVE the car!
(especially the gimmicky start button and roof!)

Although needing the power on to fold up the mirrors is really irksome...
Still just love the car...

I even love the galaxy grey (I think) colour... Don't know why they discontinued it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glad to hear your enjoying it, my boot also struggles to open lol
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