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As promised, but also way overdue - got carried away cleaning, so just managed to get a couple of shots tonight playing with light settings on the camera!

Shame I haven't got a wide-angle lens to capture the entire Church.

Previously owned by a friend and forum member FN2cub. He did most of the mods - running 250hp+, but more importantly the appropriate stopping and handling mods!

I've had her raised by 10-15mm by Grinspeed last week including; full GEO set-up, service and brake bleed. I gave the air filter a K&N recharge yesterday, so all-round running like clock work ready for the summer :D

Got a few little plans/ bits to do; adjust rear no plate as its a bit wonky, remove all rear lights to get rid of the green algae thats building up in a few places & look into possibly tinting the rear mid light section.

Full spec to follow shortly!


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