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Hi all,

My first post on here but i'm sure i'm not the first to get this happen to me. I own a 1.8 VETEC petrol 57 plate civic. The cars done just shy of 57000 miles and been serviced as per the service schedule every year.

I was driving last night on the M1 (heavy rain at the time so wet roads) and then all of a sudden the VSA & ABS warning light popped up on the dashboard. Got to my destination and was there for about 15 mins got back in the car & the light had disappeared altogether.

Carried on with my journey, (still raining but dried up after about 15 mins of driving) got back on the M1 again,got a minute from home and again just popped up and this is where i've left it.

The car isn't used as a daily driver at the minute so is stood on the drive mon-fri with the occasional trip out in the week but always used on the weekend.

Not sure if this is related and maybe a red herring but for around 3 months now when i set off in 1st and pull the clutch up slowly the car judders a lot until i either; add more revs or bring the clutch up quicker and to top it off doesn't happen all the time but i suspect this is a clutch issue maybe and unrelated.

Hoping anyone can help me and hope i've been as informative as I can but please let me know if you have any queries.

Finally i'm based in West Yorkshire.
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