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Hi, all.

I've been driving back from Wales tonight, and the weather has brought massive puddles onto the roads - and I managed to get caught by a few of them. One particular one even caused my lights to dim as I came out of it (alternator got wet, maybe?). Towards the end of the journey, I was getting flashed by oncoming traffic, as if to tell me to lower my beams. I usually drive with my beams on the lowest setting, so found this a little odd.

When I parked up, I tried to adjust the lights using the adjuster on the dash - and, it doesn't seem to be working at all. My offside dipped beam is currently blown, but the nearside doesn't adjust at all. I have absolutely no experience with headlights at all, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to begin. My lights are non-HID, standard bulbs (car is a 2007 ES diesel).

Typically, I dropped the dust cap for the back of the light some time ago, and have an exposed wheel arch due to previous youthful decisions to put 35mm springs on the car. My first thought is that water has sprayed up into the light housing (saw some muddy splodges in there) and ruined the adjuster. I'm just wondering if anyone has had anything similar, or could provide some advice, please. I've heard that a whole new headlight cluster is needed, due to the motors being fiddly and hard to repair. Any advice is welcomed, though! I'll have a proper look in the daytime, too.

Thanks in advance.
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