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Following a number of reports/complaints/suggestions we have been tasked with getting the various traders adverts into the correct locations as per the trading rules.

Therefore a small number of posts are going to be moved during this week. We will send notification to the traders concerned.

The rules are basically that any supporter providing goods or services as a sideline may post in the Civinfo Traders section. Any company may advertise in the General Commercial section.
There should not be adverts from a single trader in both sections so buyers know what status the trader is.
Any trader who trades and links via a unique .com .co web address, etc will be deemed to fall into commercial status.
Civinfo Traders purely trade via a Civinfo thread and PM's and have no online trading location.

There may be offer posts in the various sub sections (eg lights or cleaning) but these must be just a brief description of the offer/discount and a single link to the main post or the online location. Where appropriate we will sticky and close these link posts to avoid sub section trading.

We will not be deleting any existing posts, just moving them to their correct home.
Traders should keep an eye out for the move as other posts with links will likely need to be updated. When this happens create a new post and 'report' it so we can update it.

If we get any traders status wrong please 'report' it and we will correct it.
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