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Another member suggested I post in here for FRS settings for my Civic.

I have a 2008 1.8 Sport, 5 dr. Car is running standard suspension and springs on 17" alloys. I do not have any plans to lower so just looking for settings as is.

He mentioned I would probably require shims for the rear and you would be able to advise what size I need and quote me a price.

Geometry results attached



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In fairness your rear geometry doesn't look too bad at all. Ideal camber on the rear is 1 degree negative but as the shims only come in either 1/2 or 1 degree neither will get you exact. As your settings are quite similar side to side I would be tempted to leave the rear as it is.

You do however need a set of front camber bolts to get the front camber closer to 1 degree negative at each side and once thats done get the front toe reset.

Camber bolts in stock here at ABP @ £25 pair inc vat.

Call us to order on 01270 567177 or we can book in for fitting and alignment set-up ;)

Cheers, Chris
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