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Hello, moved this tread into the correct area

Has anyone installed an aftermarket Bluetooth telephone system in the 9th Gen civics?

I have the Ti civic which comes with a factory installed Bluetooth telephone system, but this is different to the standard honda version in regular models and more like an aftermarket system, such as parrot etc.

My problem and reason for my query is my Bluetooth Handsfree is no longer working after I installed an aftermarket reversing camera. I had the iMid system removed and I guess one of the pins is not connected correctly but unsure which one. Before I open it up again I want to check if anyone has any experience of this. I would take it to honda but since I installed the camera, footwell and illuminated door sills myself they won't fix under warranty and will charge a fortune.

I have copied the iMid connector wiring diagram and picture from another tread but can't see where it would be connected.

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