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Purchased my latest civic around 2 months ago and noticed the air con not blowing cold air when warm which is not that often here in the north east! Took it kwik fit and paid the £49 which worked. Also replaced the relay to the mitsuba. One thing I noticed was I couldn't hear the compressor when the air con was on though cold as ice so thought nothing of it.

1 month later no cool air.

Is it normal for there to be no noticeable sound when air con is on as my previous Civic was very noticeable when on with a change in engine tone?

How can I best tell the compressor is coming on as had a look and can't seem to see much i.e. clutch?

Not sure what to do next back to kwik fit, air con specialist, try another relay or have a mess on myself.

Any advice much appreciated as can't take the heat when the sun shines.

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