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Aircon / fans not working…

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Hi, recently had a battery drain on my 2007 type S civic which turned out to be the Bluetooth module which led me on to this next issue…

AC is not working properly on the car, Ive Replaced the ac condenser relay and the ac clutch seems to be working fine although it seems to be running regardless of whether the ac is turned on or not. But also neither cooling fan seems to be working. My friend has tested the fans with his multimeter and believe the left one which I believe is the condenser fan is not getting power whilst the righthand side one is??

Any help for a complete novice greatly appreciated…
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might be worth going for a regas unless it was working perfectly before battery issue.
Hi wilmo thanks for your reply… the air con hasn’t worked for some time, maybe a couple of years, I got it re-gassed last year during the heatwave which didn’t have any effect I just thought the car is old so it’s probably knackered… it’s only off the back of researching and fixing the Bluetooth module I’ve thought ahh wonder what else I can fix and thought I’d try the air con issue as my wife is desperate for a new car with air con… 😏 but with noticing the fans aren’t working thought that can’t be good engine-wise..?
In that case it is more likely that the condenser has a leak and all the gas has gone.
There are failsafes in the system that stop it working when the gas pressure gets too low.

Looks like you are going to have to get your wallet out.

As long as the other fan is working and the temperature gauge reads ok then you should have no problem
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