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Hi all,

I've had issues with my alarm for the last 4 months or so. It goes off at random times, however I've noticed (as have my neighbours...) that it seems to happen mostly when the car is parked in direct sunlight (which seems odd!).

It's an 09 plate 1.8 mk8.

I've disconnected the bonnet switch, which didn't help.

I don't often take passengers, but often have things in an out of the boot. So obviously just using the driver door and boot 90 percent of the time, so I'm leaning towards it being one of those switches (or the internal motion sensor?).

The alarm doesn't go off all the time, I think I've a week/every 2 weeks or so.

Next step is to disconnect the boot sensor (any pointers on which bit to unplug here would be appreciated, I've not looked around it yet).

The bump stops in the boot seem fine, I've adjusted them either way and it still shuts/still have alarm issues.

Also tried leaving the panoramic roof shut (as it seemed to be happening in sunlight), didn't work.
The car is parked in a permit bay at the top of the road, so unfortunately won't annoy me when the alarm goes but obviously isn't fair for my neighbours.

I'm also selling the car in a few months, so would like to get it sorted before it goes to a new owner.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

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when you disconnected the bonnet switch did you short the two pins out on the harness side ?
disconnecting on it's own does nothing
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