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Hi all,

Last week-end, I installed the Honda OEM BassWorks kit. I used the step by step manual, removing under steering panel, central armrest and console and, of course the stock radio.

I plugged the Y BassWorks harness as requested, checked everything including the warning flasher as requested in the manual and tested the radio before re-installing it (Bassworks needs some adjustment).

Radio and kit sounds and run fine. So I re-installed everything. Of course, I checked any connectors are locked, I did not cut any harness ans I did step by step installation as shown in the manual

And after ALL, I tried to start the car but GASP ... no pre-heat, VSA alarm, Engine Alarm, ABS alarm !!!

I tried the reset switch (under the dashboard) to re-init computer and (oufff) I got the pre-heat and the car starts.

BTW, there are problems remaining :

- Dash screen is blocked on instant consumption
- Horn does not work
- Brake lights does not light.
- Speed regulator switch on/off but does not engage
- VSA/ABS alarm runs when I use the brake pedal

Every other things seems run fine (radio, warning flasher, headlights, indicator lights, steering radio controls, heating, ...)

Any help or idea ?????
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