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If anyone wants a handsfree solution, and does not have the Honda kit but has a Bluetooth phone, I though I would give a recommendation.

In my current car I have fitted a Parrot CK3100 kit. It sits 'inline' between the headunit and the spekers/power to the vehicle. When a call comes in it mutes the stereo, using the front speakers and a microphone which you need to fit. To fit the kit for me was a doddle, mine is currently a standard ISO setup, so you simply disconnect the power and speakers connector - put this inline and replug.

There is also a little display which gives the name of the caller or the person being called, all taken from the phones memory - syncs up each time you start the car.

It also has voice recognition. so you can answer, end and make calls using pre-setup commands.

As for quality, it is superb. People are actually surprised when I tell them tha I am currently driving and talking to them. The only thing for me is that the volume in the car is a little low, But, I have come to the conclusion that this is down to the Golf MK5 3 way speakers upfront 'killing' the volume.

here is the site link http://www.parrot.biz/united_kingdom/products/index.php?id=ck3100

The best bit is that I purchased this for £99 from a local high street shop, but you can get it as low as £70 on ebay etc.

I think that the only problem at the moment may be the physical connection to the Honda headunit - there is a good site that discusses in car solutions at http://www.siocommunications.co.uk/Forum/index.php I think they may be able to help when the car becomes a little more common.
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