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Hello all,
Just a quick introduction.

I have been into hondas for the last 7-8 years, I have owned a 92 civic 4 door VTI (EG9 chassis and B16a2 DOHC VTEC engine)

I currently own a 1984 Mk1 CRX 1.5 12v (sadly for sale)
and a mint (due to a rebuild last summer!) 1991 Civic VT (EE9 chassis code and the DOHC VTEC B16a1 engine)

I have recently defied the odds and been promoted at work and with it comes a car. I have ready to order a Milano red 2.2 Type S Sat Nav bluetooth HFT with 18 inch Blade alloys. I'd never drive anything other than a Honda, preferebly a civic so it was an easy choice!
To say I am out of my depth is an understatement! I'm used to pulling my cars home, stripping, rebuilding, MOT'ing and the using them!
All these screens, technology etc is a new world to me!

Anyway, I love the site and expect to be on here as much as my old skool honda forums.

So hello!

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