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hello to all!:D

i'm Italian, please excuse me for my scholastic English!!!

I have just installed on mine type s 2 tweeter and 2 woofer in the front one, with 2 amp and a sub.

next to the beginning I thought to use the famous one rockford syxty for convert hight imput to preamp, but the result is Horrible. :mad::mad:

I would want to install an aftermarket stereo (i think alpine) in the small space under the oem radio in parallel.:rolleyes:

i would want to see only the air conditioner temperature on the original display, does not interest the hour or other.it does not import me of the rest (hour, tune ecc) :cool:

thoughts are possible?

in order to explain to me better i show a image: (i don't have i-pilot ;);))


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