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Hello everyone.

Just wanted to share some of my new plans.

The car is on the shop waiting to get a K24 breath implant. :)

The specs are as follows:

K24a2 block
K24z3, TSX 09+, pistons (11.0 comp)
Eagle rods, for a revlimit at 8.2k rpm.
k20a2 oilpump (EP3), or can use K24 stock one.
Skunk 2 Stage 2 cams with the springs, retainers etc, (allthogh I might get a deal for Stage 3 cams).
Also will add a Milltek with a bolted on sports cat for MOT times.

The rest of the specs as seen in my signature. Probably forgot something.

This built will not be as powerful as others we have seen on the site, but then again it is not always for max power right?

It really itches for the stage3 cams if I get a good deal for them. Then again since Im not running on higher comp than 11.0, so I wont get the full potential out of them.

And when talking about skunk2 cams in general, I have had the stage 2 for 9 months and they work good sofar (approx 8000km). Not eating up the chain or tensioner or anything like that. Maybe it comes down to proper mapping/tuning after all. But I told the mechanic to have a really good look at them for abnormal wear and such.

Will let you know the results in a few weeks.

Take care my friends


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becareful with the skunk2 cams - they are very aggressive ramp angles (closing the valves especially) in my opinion. This is leads to wear of the tensioner, stress on the valves & the valve seats, springs, & retainers. This wear cannot be seen most of the time unless you tear down the cylinder head & look at the undersides of the retainers & the valve seats which can only be seen by removing the head. You will also want to remove the tensioner & inspect the teeth & the ratchet. 8000km is not bad but thats not a whole lot of miles (or km) :eek:

are you running OEM TSX 11.0:1 pistons? if so there isn't much valve relief - so you will be limited with how much vtc you can run with the stg 2 cams. You'll have to clay the motor to find out exactly how much clearance you actually have. I have actually seen valve to piston contact on a k20a with 12.5:1 CP pistons (probably from a hard downshift tho) stg 3's are not an option with oem pistons in my opinion - not enough compression or valve relief
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