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Did the technique work for you? 10G 1.5 Manual only please

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I happened to 'bump into' a way of getting my Idle Stop (sometimes known as Auto Stop/Start) system to work, in my 1.5 10G, and wondered whether those of you who are having problems with it would give it a try and report back. I've only tested it a couple of times and it worked both times but put it forward for consideration for those of you 10G 1.5 owners who's Idle Stop system does not work and gives the battery fault.

Please only vote in the poll if you have a Manual 1.5 10G

To test the technique: instead of depressing the clutch and pressing the Start button, first press the Start button twice with no clutch to switch the ignition fully on. Wait a couple of seconds then, clutch in - Start button.
Does your car Idle stop now work where before it would fail on the dreaded 'battery' error?

If you are having no problems with the Idle Stop system, please don't clutter up the thread with 'Mine works OK' type posts. And please only vote in the poll if you have a Manual 1.5 10G
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