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Review: Honda Civic 2.2D EX GT - Road Test First Drive - Autocar.co.uk

It’s the ride quality you notice first. There’s a new compliancy and fluency which means it doesn’t jolt or rattle any more. And while there’s no doubt a properly engineered multi-link rear end can be tuned to work yet more effectively across a wider spectrum of surfaces, the ills of the old Civic rear end can now be regarded as substantially cured.
It handles too, proving poised, balanced and benefitting from steering greatly improved by new front suspension geometry and a quicker rack. Once more the Civic a reasonably fun and capable car to punt down a decent road.
But it’s most effective in more humdrum environments. It seems strange that the world’s largest producer of engines still either can’t or won’t prise more than 148bhp from a 2.2-litre diesel when so many produce far more from less, but perhaps Honda regards the startling headline fuel consumption and emissions figures that result as a worthwhile alternative. And you can’t question the smoothness of the engine at part throttle, nor overall levels of refinement that are genuinely outstanding.
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