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Things you will need:

1) Connects2 CTVHOX001 (Make sure you get the adapter that works with your car)

2) AUX Panel Mount

3) 12v to USB

5) AUX to Bluetooth Receiver (I used Anker SoundSync, it has microphone built in so works great as a hands free)

6) 12v on/off switch for the USB (I have mine connected to constant 12v so I wanted a switch to be able to turn in on/off) Just buy any switch that you like, they come in many sizes, shapes and L.E.D lights

7) Ground Loop Noise Isolator (I was getting a lot of static noise when charging and listening to the music at the same time and adding this fixed my problem)

8) 3.5mm splitter (Make sure it supports stereo sound and don't buy a Mono one)

9) 3.5mm Male to female Extension (I only needed this because I decided to put my Bluetooth receiver near the steering wheel and the cable that came with it was not long enough)

I am new to this forum and I don't know how to add images in the post, click on the link below and it will take you to a PDF file. I hope this helps:

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