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Hi all.

Technically I joined this forum about 8 years ago when I picked up some Mk8 Type S wheels for my Accord (they looked great).
Just got back into Honda again after looking for a tidy runabout to keep the miles down on my main car.
Picked up a nice Mk8 Si 2.2d after some hunting around. Only 80k on the clock so good for double that! Apart from the previous owner's smelly dog it's in great nick. Clutch it tight as you like and it loves to pull in gear.
I love an upgrade or two so am working on a handsfree / streaming solution, new gear knob (original one is [email protected]), a spoiler and perhaps some EP3 Type R wheels (in black).
Not going to drop too much on it buts it's nice to make it a little special.

Will add some pics later. Nice to be back.
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