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I am just wondering if anyone has back flushed a Gen 8 heater matrix?

Input is from the rear of the head and output terminates somewhere near the front of the head I see from the drawings. I assume I can stick a hose into the output and flush it out like that. Or use some compressed air if that fails.

Open to ideas on this one:

Fault: Variation in the output temperature between driver and passenger.
Being the passenger is always hotter even when the controls are set to HI on both sides. Since the feed and return are on the passenger side, guessing the reason is the matrix is partially blocked.

It could be a pipe has fallen off, but I sent hot air to the dash vent (where air is sent pretty directly from the unit into the car and the temps are quite different there too.) I can see (with eyes) the mixer controls giving full travel.

Thanks in advance !
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