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Civinfo is mostly powered by hard work, but also requires a web server to run on, and this costs hard cash. Most of the cost is very generously covered by forum "supporters", who buy a nice silver sticker for a small amount and gain certain forum privileges.

These are the privileges at the moment:
  • A user changeable title (it defaults to "supporter" but you can put what you like in there).
  • Use of the chatbox.
  • An extra "private forum" for supporters only.
  • You can post For Sale threads, and reply in Wanted threads.
  • Useful and exclusive DIY info.
  • No external advertisements.
  • Your username appears red and in italics.
  • You can move threads you started.
  • A PM mailbox limit up from 100 to 500 PMs.
  • The limit of 10 pictures in your album goes up to 200.
  • You can host photos and other attachments here.
  • The option to have a larger avatar (125 x 150).
  • No little Civinfo watermark on posted pictures.
  • You will see when users were last online in threads.
  • Other stuff I haven't thought of yet.
If you would like to make a donation and get these privileges but have a serious dislike of stickers, then there is a slightly cheaper (£4) "Supporter" option on the payments page.

The stickers

  • These stickers are silver, and cut from vinyl. They stick to the outside of the car.
  • Please note that you stick these on to things entirely at your own risk!
  • The payment is handled by PayPal (you can still pay if you don't have a PayPal account - PayPal will take credit and debit cards), and the payment area is secure.
  • Please allow a few days for postage.
  • The prices include postage and packing cost to anywhere in the world. About half of your money goes to running the site.
  • Small is 5.7" x 0.4" and medium is 7.7" x 0.5".
  • Please make sure that you thoroughly degrease the area you are going to stick the sticker on - any oils, polish or Rain-ex might cause it not to stick properly. Clean the glass/plastic area first with windolene. Then dry. Then use the alcohol wipe (included). Please test an invisible area first to ensure no damage is done to the surface. Also, the surface must be warm for the adhesive to cure properly, and you have to rub the sticker on firmly after applying.
  • Any problems, please PM Pottsy.

Stock status

  • Small: discontinued.
  • Medium: getting low.
  • Type R: lots of stock.
  • Greece: discontinued.
  • Union Jack: discontinued.
When stuff goes out of stock, it tends to stay that way for a while, (can be months).


Please go to your "User CP" and on the bottom left you'll see "Paid Subscriptions" (or just click here). The transaction is handled by Paypal, and the forum privileges should appear immediately. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can still use a credit or debit card. Please note that you are making contribution towards the server costs, and being a supporter does not entitle you to break the forum rules nor does it exempt you from any ban.


Medium outside (centre bottom) and inside (top) and outside (bottom) example of the Type R and Union Jack stickers.

Greece (outside), on a CR-V:

Small - outside, on a Yaris:

Medium outside:

Medium outside:

Medium outside:

Medium outside:

Type R inside (top) and outside (bottom):

Union Jack inside (top) and outside (bottom):

Installation Instructions for an outside sticker:

The outside stickers stick really well onto glass. An ideal place is where there is a black background on the glass, it makes the colours stand out.

Here's how I do it:

Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the area. I use Autoglym fast glass, then the prep pad (that you'll get with the sticker) followed by some kitchen roll or a completely clean microfibre cloth.

Stick it on from one end - do try to get it straight and central. You have only got one go! Note that the backing paper might be wonky - use the letters to get it level.

Rub it good and hard all over to make sure the vinyl is more stuck to the glass than the backing.

Then gently and slowly peel the backing away at an extreme angle. It's OK to get nervous at this stage and go back to some more rubbing before you continue peeling the backing.

Once the backing is gone, you need to rub the sticker hard for ages. Then rub some more. Then wait a bit, and rub some more. Stick that sticker on with lots of rubbing! Use the backing to rub, it saves you snagging the sticker with your thumb.

Have you rubbed enough yet? You can tell when you've done enough because you will be bored and in pain.

Now have a look at the sticker. If you have rubbed hard enough, then all the transparant bits will be black. If not, then they will have loads of tiny white bits in and your sticker will be sure to fall off at the first jet wash.

Go back and rub some more.



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The only difference being when we screw up the application of the stickers, theres no chance of a warranty claim!! [smilie=grrrrrr.gif]

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richierich said:
The only difference being when we screw up the application of the stickers, theres no chance of a warranty claim!! [smilie=grrrrrr.gif]
:lol: did notice the diclaimer :wink:

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Just ordered mine. All I need now is a "How to" to show me the best way of sticking it to the back of the car.
I will drop a bo****k if left on my own :oops:
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Ordered. Pity the car wont come this quick
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