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I would appreciate advice on getting the right battery for my 2007 Civic.

The old Exide EB740 that came with the car just died and I am looking for a replacement. Not being a car person I have some newbie questions:

Is it safe to replace the current battery (067SE EXIDE EXCELL CAR BATTERY EB740 (EX18); 74 Ah 680 CCA) with one of a higher rating (but same size, type 096)
I was looking at one of those

S4 008 BOSCH CAR BATTERY 12V 74AH TYPE 096 S4008


S5 008 BOSCH CAR BATTERY 12V 77AH TYPE 096 S5008

The car is not being driven very often (usually once a week) and mostly for short distances so I was wondering if it would be safe to replace the current battery with AGM type as they seem to have higher resistance to deep cycling and can support more accessories (I usually have sat nav, stereo and air con/heating on when driving + lights at this time of year). The AGM battery I was thinking of is


Please let me know if any of the above choices are correct or if there is a better battery model I could use. Many thanks for your help!

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Out of those batteries I would pick the Bosch S5 008 due to the 780A (EN) CCA rating.

I wouldn't use an AGM battery on a vehicle that doesn't have a charging system that supports it.

Other batteries to consider would be the Yuasa YBX5096 80AH 760A also available from Halfords as the HSB096 or Varta E44 (Bosch S5 008 is this Varta battery rebranded).

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The OP wanted a battery that was a bit more resistant to abuse, the OE Varta is rated at 74AH and 680A.
He asked about fitting an AGM type. You appropriately corrected him.

When I bought a Honda battery it was made by Johnson (Delphi), same as the original that it replaced. I don't recall the capacity and cold crank figures, but these don't necessarily reflect tolerance of abuse. Though I'm not sure he really needs to be concerned about this?
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