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Reckon I'm watching it ... it is Jezza and Co ...

It's got Jazza shouting, being translated into French - I'm in the DRC, watching Canal + Action ...

This episode not only has ....

60163 Peppercorn A1 vs XK120 vs Vincent Black Shadow ... epic on it's own ...

It's THE ONE where The Stig laps the track SEVEN seconds faster than anything up till then, in a Fezza FXX, Stig actually enters the studio for an interview, AND, with Jazza's gentle persuasion, removes his helmet, only to be Michael Schumacher!!



PS In-between times, I ordered a chicken sandwich from Room Service - had to go to reception as 'phone's not working! - had to REMIND them THREE TIMES, and it arrived 2 hours 30 minutes later!! NICE!!
And we complain of service in UK!!

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The one that made me laugh the most was where they designed an old peoples car called the 'Rover James'. It was a modified Fiat Multipla with actual arm chairs and all sorts of safety features for the older driver.

Not much has made me cry with laughter uncontrollably. Seen it three times and it's really got me everytime I've seen it.

Possibly says something about my maturity level too, bearing in mind I'm touching 40 years of age!
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