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better buyer and seller protection

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How about to make it harder for people to be scamed that all items advertised in the for sale section over say £30 have to be paid as a papal payment and posted recorded delivery or cash on collection. That way everyone is protected unlike with bank transfers etc because if items don't arrive paypal will get involved and hold the payment until the seller proves the buyer has this (tracking number) or if the payment bounces as long as the seller uploaded the tracking number within 48 hrs then papal will stand the cost.

A note here is i have known papal payments to bounce unto 14 days after i have received the payment.
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So people don't think this is a good idea? I thought with some of the threads i have seen where people have been done it would make sense to make sure both parties are protected and even more so with higher value goods.
It's a nice suggestion. Maybe I don't fully understand how Paypal works, but how does Paypal get involved with purchases if they have not been made through Ebay?

The site can really only act as an "introducer", and can advise individuals about how to do safe business.

We try hard to advise buyers and sellers, including getting names, addresses and landline numbers, paying by safe means and so on. But ultimately speed and greed get the better of both buyer and seller, so most will do paypal gift and never bother to get details about the other party.

Imposing rules on transactions will also serve to annoy some people. If buyer and seller actually know each other and are happy to send £1500 by bank transfer, then we should not impose a large paypal fee burden on them. Most users here can't observe the simplest rules anyway (1 in 3 for sale threads are deleted at the submission stage), so payment rules would just add more confusion to those who can't read the simple instructions seen when posting a thread.

It is up to both the buyer and seller to set the level of safety/risk that they are both comfortable with.
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There is a way around this...
you could list EVERYTHING via eBay - and then once sold and all parties are happy - cancel the transaction then pay no eBay fees - the only fee would be to the buyer whether they wanted to pay as a gift/ business transaction?
Doing that would affect your rating on eBay and also once cancelled you cannot pay through eBay, you would need to just get the buyer to send the money as a gift, not sure what additional protection this offers over current process. The seller also has a variety of fees to list on eBay such as listing fees, photos etc, what if the winner is not from civinfo and pays through PayPal as normal? Then the seller has additional fees.
fair do :)
Damn, wrote a post and lost it... in summary:

I think the principle of what you are suggesting is sound Rick but agree with Pottsy that it is up to the buyer / seller whether they use protection. My purchases here have not been protected but that is because I trusted those I'm buying from, including yourself! The total I have spent on here is, well I'd rather not think about it but it is a lot!
I sometimes agree with the OP and other times not. Alot of it is down to trust between buyer and seller, which I've never had an issue with. I've spent hundreds on here and sold a fair bit too without any issues. When cash is low I wouldn't want to be told I must use recorded delivery, as if done by the book you could end up paying a hell of a lot just on postage. The option is always there if people want it.

I've yet to hear of anyone losing out when the trading rules have been followed by private parties, and I've had more trouble with eBay.

No doubt my opinion would be swayed if I were screwed over. In which case I'd do everything in my power to get my money back and I'd hope the forum would assist me.

What are the rules for Traders on here? Are they able to advertise payment by PayPal gift? I'd hate to think that a certain bad trader is in Thailand drinking cocktails with a load of generous PayPal gifts.
There have been issues on some occasions even when the rules have been followed, usually either the product or the payment never turns up, on a few occasions it has also been the case that the item has not been as described when it arrives to the buyer.

There is no rule against a trader requesting a PayPal gift payment, but there is a thread regarding the risks of using this method.

The thing to remember is that (like a classified ad in a magazine) we only facilitate the introduction between members who want to buy and sell.

The ultimate responsibility and choice of level of risk taking is then up to the individuals involved.

Personally, I was happy to spend a few pounds on fog light covers from a member on here who had a good trading record, but I would not send large amounts of money to someone I have never met to buy an expensive second hand item I have never seen.
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