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big thanks to colin and rob at mugen

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Just wanted publicly say thanks to Colin and Rob at MUGEN EURO :)

I bought a mugen rear splitter from phoenix honda up here yesterday ( big thanks to colin mcleod for the awesome price ) ! I dropped it off at the painter on the way home and took all the fixings home with me , i checked to make sure everything was there and good job i did as 4 essential bolts were missing :(

I pm'd Colin this morning and within an hour i was in contact with Rob who sent the bolts out special next day delivery :D

excellent service guys , just thought it deserved a mention
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Looking forward to seing your bumper mate :D
Good stuff Ross.

Looking forward to the pics big man.
Same here... Looking forward to seeing the pics. :cool:
That's what you call good service.

Also looking forward to seeing the splitter on
Good stuff ross. Bet you can't wait for the bumper t be fitted now:eek:
Nice one Ross :D

Look forward to seeing it on the car
Good stuff :)
No problem Ross, Rob tells me that it is on recorded delivery for Saturday AM so you should be all sorted. It is extremely unusual for our boxed kits from Japan to have any shortages so we jumped on this straight away for you.
Hope you like the look when you get it fitted.
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