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Due to my Father purchasing a new Accord, his old one was up for grabs. Having been putting 16k miles a year for the last few years,on the modded Octavia vRS I decided, due to his cheap selling price and time for a more grown up car was coming my way.

Having owned a black ITR a few years back, I knew they didn't have the best paint, but it seems to have got a lot worse, this 07 was looking more grey than black. It's not been cleaned that often due to it's lack of use, but when it did, out came the pressure washer and heavy duty TFC :wall:. I treated his bank balance to a new snow foam adapter and some snow foam.

I had a few days off, so it was time to sort her out.

Products Used

Autobrite Snow Foam
Zymol Natural Car Wash
PB Luxury Drying Towel
Clearkote Clay
Clearkote QD

Meguiars DACP

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner
Poorboy's Wheel Sealant

Poorboy's Black Hole
Poorboy's Natty's Blue

Daisy APC
Zaino Z9 & Z10
Poorboy's Natural Look Dressing
Meguiars Endurance High Gloss
Aquapel on the glass.

So the order of the day was,

Day 1
Snow foam and rinse, Hand wash and rinse, Clay, DACP.

Day 2
Hand wash and rinse, Black Hole, Natty's Blue

Day 3
Hand wash and rinse, Natty's Blue, Clearkote QD.

It took three days, as I was also sorting out bits and bobs on the vRS ready for her depature, and also cleaned four other cars, and on the new Accord I sealed the alloys.

Now the good stuff:

These pictures, don't really show how bad the car looked, to say it didn't really look black isn't that much of an understatement.

I 50/50 the boot, and after working in the DACP it wasn't 100%, but I had no other products to use, I spent a bit more time on the panels, and it yielded slightly better results, but it was a world away from how it started :buffer:

I have no middle pictures as I was so busy, but here's the money shots for you all.

The interior wasn't so bad, a few crumbs in the creases of the leather and some mud here and there. Quick hoover, brush, APC and then it was time to treat the leather to some Zaino goodness, and the vinyl to Poorboy's.

It's been a hard slog, but the end result is worth it! Car looks like new, and very happy with the smell of all the Poorboy's products :argie:, she beads very well right now, but will see how it lasts with 16k and monthly washes.

Here's a little flash back from the other black Honda

Thanks for looking.

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Well worth the slog, i think :thumbsup:
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