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Hello everyone :)

my cw has developed a problem

This noise is like a blowing exhaust (rear right, I think between 1100 and 1000 rpm) (only hot engine)

If you hit the gaz softly , it makes a slight noise, but only on the return to idle. Does not sound blowing during normal driving .

I hear this noise every engine shutdown (hot engine)

Does not seem to blow at idle over or under 1000 rpm .

I checked the silent block the exhaust, they are ok ,no air or water leaks on pipes and no rust

Exhaust and intake are oem

(my idea is can be the catback or the exhaust manifold or the gas compression ) ???

Here is an example on this video, which shows the noise(between 13 s and 30 s on the video)

thank you for your advice ;)

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considering this was fixed on that one by a different exhaust im guessing its an issue with your rear cover the water drain hole and check that then check all joints
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