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Hi everyone!

I got a Honda Civic from 2000, 1.4 liters 90cv, VI gen (MA I think).

So i got the engine light on and the car kept running hot very soon reach the max in the gauge, and I found out the radiator fan wasn't working, so, I tested every connection to the fan until i reach the coolant sensor switch that I couldn't take off to test so I did the paperclip test and it worked.
Today, I took the car for a small spin and half way same story again, engine very hot with the fan on, so i parked as soon as i could already noticing something strange with the engine. At that moment (parking) I notice white smoke coming from the rear of the car ( I'm using distilled water).

I'm afraid it could be the engine head gasket and the car is already old and somewhat neglected ( my 2006 1.8 is taken care very well ;) ), so I'm avoiding spending much more money in this car.

Please help me petrol heads, thanks in advance.
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