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I have been the owner of my brand new Civic 2.2 5 door for just one week and have a question that I hope others can help me with. I apologise if this has been asked before. I have done a search but could not find the same question.

My Blue tooth HFT System is the one that comes with the Elite Plus Pack not the one included with Sat Nav.

When I am receiving calls the reception is only coming out of one speaker, the front passenger speaker, not both, front, or even all speakers. This makes it difficult sometimes to hear clearly what is being said especially when on the motorway. I have looked in the manual and can see nothing to indicate that it is something that I could adjust by balancing the system, either through the Blue tooth itself or the stereo.

I am taking my Civic in to the main dealer for a couple of other faults to be put right in one weeks time and raised the subject with the service desk. The asked around and told me that this is how the Blue tooth is supposed to work and it was not faulty. I am not sure if this is correct and wondered if anyone else has the same system if they could confirm whether this is the case. I would like to be sure of my facts when I take I in next week.

Thank you very much. What a great forum. I will be a regular user from now on.

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