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Hey all,

Kinda new to the game here, and this seems like a little bit of fun :p

Im going to be traveling from Cardiff around 3pm on Friday, going up the A49 to Shrewsbury, stopping there for a few hours, then heading over to Iron Bridge. Staying there the night, then leaving early hours around 6am Saturday to drive all the way to Manchester Airport...

If you see me, give me a flash, a toot or even a wave [smilie=cheeky-grin:

Will be nice to see some if any.

I dont have any distinktive marks or mods on the car, just some Type S decals on the rear skirts, and the Type S break light cover... Think im gonna have to get the civinfo sticker too!!!

Blueish Silver, DY56 W**, A49, Shrewsbury, Ironbridge, Manchester...

Look forward to seeing ya! :VroumVroum01:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts