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2018 Hatch- BT Connectivity to the basic head unit is a nightmare.
#1-No audio during GPS/navigation from IPHONE 7 audio in Radio mode.
#2 -Cannot play Iphone music via BT AND have phone connection. Must play music via USB.
#3 - Almost everytime I make a call it asks "Hands Free COnnection?" Yes/No.....Cannot select YES so I have to do this after connecting via the phone interface. Can't figure out whats going on as this occurs on some calls and not others.
#4 - Siri does not work 99% of the time. Only after months did I figure out your supposed to do some weird and magical press and hold of the mic speaker button on the steering wheel but a vast majority of the time it still does not work.

My aftermarket $70 JVC from Best buy that I put in my CRV works 10x better.

How can this radio pass muster at Honda engineering?
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