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I have a 2012 2.2 iDTEC ES with a Bluetooth problem; from reading the forum, I’m not the only one.

In any case, I'm wondered if anyone experiences similar issues to mine, and if they have found a workaround.

Bluetooth connectivity is fine; no issues. I can happily stream music, podcasts, Waze, whatever, through my phone. I can also connect to the OBD port via a bluetooth dongle with no issues.

I have noticed that the car seem to ‘store’ about 10s worth of the audio stream, presumably as a buffer in case of loss of signal; I suspect this might be related to the issue.

The problem is that when I make or receive calls the Bluetooth disconnects, with a warning on the display, and then reconnects, and then disconnects, and so on. This never happens when streaming - only when making/taking calls. I’ve tried 3 different phones from Sony, Motorola and LG with the same behaviour.

However, I’ve noticed that this behaviour is MUCH worse when I take a call AND I’m already streaming/have a navigation app/ some other audio source running on the phone. If I stop streaming/ navigating the call is usually fine for a while, although it does still drop and reconnect sometimes, which I suspect could be due to me receiving a text message or some other audio event on the phone.

My theory is that when the car Bluetooth unit switches between the ‘10s buffer mode’ and the ‘live call’ mode, it gets confused, falls over and restarts.

Questions for the community:

1) Does anyone else experience similar behaviour? Any thoughts?
2) Is the firmware in the car reflashable and can a Honda dealer do this?
3) Is it possible to change the headunit to an android auto compatible one (I kinda fancy doing that!)

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If it is a 2012 Model, You'd be better off in the 9th Gen Secion! :p

Being a 2012 model, you will have the earlier headunit, rather than Honda Connect. I know honda Connect did have issues with Bluetooth call dropping, but this has been corrected by updates:- I'm not too sure about the software on the earlier head unit.

There are head units available for the 9th gen, and there is a guide about somewhere:- I imagine you shouldn't have any issues switching in a headunit with Android auto.

I've seen quite a few mentioning the Connect2 Kit, Connects2 Ltd
So you should have some success with that.
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