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Hi, had a search but can't find anything on this.

No Bluetooth pack on the car but was wondering. Have purchased an MP3 solution (i.e. not an IPOD) that can use bluetooth to relay output to a bluetooth headset/phones/speakers or whatever. Strikes me the best use of this is bluetooth in a car to the stereo (potentially solving the FM low quality issue) . Now I don't have the Honda bluetooth kit in mine but I was wondering if you have it can you do this?

If not, has anyone looked at other solutions for this - can the Parrot gear or similar do it for a Civic (noted the comments on ICE interfaces - or the lack of - don't know much about this whole area). What I really want is:

No wires or anything
No cutting car apart to do it
Phone connected and MP3 connected at same time via bluetooth
Stereo plays whatever my MP3 plaer is doing but will cut it out for phonecalls as necessary.
Cup of tea made at the end of each album and presented via a straw interface to me whilst driving. (optional extra)

Any thoughts welcomed!

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I think this Parrot Bluetooth kit will do what you are asking :

Parrot UK - Parrot Mk6100 - Bluetooth® Hands-Free Car Kit with super thin display and 2 integrated microphones

Although a qucik phone call or email to a Parrot dealer will probably be a good idea. Or even Halfords as they stock & install Parrot car kits.

I looked at this unit myself but not for the MP3 input but as it has a remote keypad and the screen unit can be mobile to within the car.

Another option can be seen in this thread :


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