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Melbourne police searching for man who exposed himself and jumped on police car

A naked Australia Day reveller has been filmed stripping down and thrusting his naked pelvis into a police speed-camera mounted on a vehicle in Melbourne.

Victoria Police released the footage this morning of the man's unusual antics, which occurred about 1.30pm on January 26 on Kelletts Road, Rowville, in the city's southeast.

The footage shows two men each carrying a partially-depleted six-pack of beer as they approach the car on foot.

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One man then strips off on the footpath and jumps on the front of the vehicle as he shouts abuse at the speed camera operator inside.

The naked man also appears to rub his bum on the car's bumper before lifting a leg onto the bonnet and thrusting his pelvis back and forth with one arm raised in the air triumphantly.

Police have released the footage in the hope that the man will be identified and brought to justice.

Police reportedly intend to charge the man with wilful and obscene exposure.
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