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I checked the car today and that captain tolley's sealant was sat on top of the drivers side rear damper top washer inside the car!!! I recon like you say it's coming from the wiring grommets. There was also a puddle of water on the passenger side rear, in the jack/toolkit area.

I've had all the plastics off today, sat inside while the back of the car was hosed down with water. No leaks inside from the car body. The rear light centre seals are leaking but that runs down the inside of the panel and out of the drain holes much like it would the inside of a door. I'll reseal them when I get chance. The split window is bone dry, absolutely no sign of water ingress.

If I get any more water inside the car, I'm taking the wiring grommets out and sealing them with instant silicone gasket. You can see they're not quite seated when the boot lid is open

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