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Hello guys, got some problem here...
After the day of work, needed to put some stuff in the boot...
Unlocked car by using remote control on the key, all doors unlocked, but when i tried to open boot, it doesn't open (when i touch a button on boot lid to lift it, the boot lid lock do not show any signs...)

tried several times, but still boot won't work, although all doors locks/unlocks perfectly.

Anyway, the second thing i noticed in the car:
as you know in the car you have two ways to lock unlock all cars doors, the 1st - is the button near the wing mirrors controller,
2nd - is the switch near open handle.

So, when i was in the car, i push lock button (1st choice), all doors locked/unlocked...
But when i tried to lock unlock with switch near door handle, only mine doors worked, although back door and passenger door wont lock and/or unlock...

So, where's the problem? And do these problems are linked together?
If unlocking with switch near door handle causes to fail central locking witch fails to unlock boot lid?

Sorry for my bad english, quite hard to express myself :)

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Could be anything from a loose wire to a faulty MICU TBH mate. Best bet is to take it into your nearest dealership.
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