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Hi everyone sry to bring up a topic that has been much discussed but I've looked thru all I can find and can't seem to get the answer I need, so here goes.

Both my fans are on constantly, before you ask yes I've checked a/c is off, they come on as soon as I turn the key and stay on for about 2min after I turn off.

Now I know that the most likely suspect is the sensor at bottom of the radiator but how likely is it that it could be the one on the engine? And how likely could it be the loom?

I tried checking that the plug on the rad sensor was ok today ( clean, no broken wires and plugged in lol ) all seemed ok, same with one on engine, all done with ignition off. But when I turn ignition on fault still there and now I had engine warning light 馃槺

I looked for how to turn that of and tried the on off method, didn't seem to work but then warning gone 馃榿 strange,

Now my final question is if I replace sensors will the fault come back on and if it does can any tell me how to clear, or do I do turn on and off and hope for the best lol.

Thanks in advance.
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