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>:) Don't get me wrong, I really like this car .....

I love using the brake hold - very convenient - but ....
Parking up in the same car park, slight gentle slope, 'my space' - not allocated, just habit, is behind a colleague's car who comes in earlier - usual Asda, Morrisons affair - 2 longitudinal, side-by-side parking.
Being at the end, alongside the typically British square kerbing, I swing around, but ensure the back won't 'kerb' - no problems here, no worries!!

Not being straight, I swing the left mirror down to see how close / far away I am to establish being as close as possible, roll back, and ... in the time it takes to declutch, effectively a double declutch to be gentle on first gear selection, I stop the roll, brake hold engages, and as I'm starting to engage 1st gear, the stop / start STOPS, then decides it should restart again!!

To stop within 1 second of being in neutral is a bit too fast I reckon - should wait perhaps 3".
I KNOW THERE'S AN OVERRIDE AND I DO USE IT AT TIMES, but it's not the point ... another IRRITATION!!

At least I'm learning what happens and what to avoid - disengage stop / start when parking up is another now!!
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