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Hi all,

Looking to change my front discs to some std sized Stoptechs. A bit confused about hose options.
I see a number of companies do them and prices fluctuate quite dramatically.
Goodridge are mentioned frequently as are HKS but is there anything I'm missing. I see CPL do their own but they are so much cheaper that I wonder if Im buying into a pay cheap buy twice scenario.
Also, was only going to upgrade front discs and keep std in the rear, is there anything wrong with this and is it common for just the fronts to be upgraded?
I see many options pad wise but I actually do so few miles that I tend to opt for ones that last the longest so open to suggestions there too.

Thank you

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Stoptech do their own braided hoses (had mine supplied and fitted at ABP).

The front brakes do the majority of the work therefore any change is best on the front. About to fit the stoptech BBK on the front of mine - rear will be standard caliper & disc (apart from an upgraded pad). ABP reckon this will be fine therefore you should have no problems with Stoptech discs fitted to the front.
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