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Hi Guys,

First post on this forum, so Hi!

Recently bought at Honda Civic Si 2.2 60 Plate

Just had it serviced - at a Honda garage, have been told that the rear rhs brake is binding. They quoted me £260 to have new pads and discs installed - apparently the same disc has started to crumble.
They have told me that they won't be able to see if i need a new calliper, until they have it apart, but that i probably will.

I've had a look online and it looks as though I can get some Brembo pads and discs for approx £80, would probably then pay an independent garage to fit them - what would be a fair price for labour?


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Welcome to :civinfo:

Binding calipers is a pretty common issue on modern cars, mainly because the simple sliders pins are not cleaned/regreased during a service and/or pad change.

9 times out of 10 it's just the sliders that need looking at and the caliper will be fine.

Some garages may claim a new caliper is required but I often wonder if they charge for the customer for a new caliper and then just clean the sliders. Cynical me. Though customers should notice a shiny new caliper has been fitted...

Good luck getting to the bottom of the issue and enjoy your Civic.
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