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Hi All, im new to the forum so i shall start with a warm hello to all!

Sorry for my first post to be a negative one but here goes:

I got back to my car one night to find my side mirror spun right out of place, to make things worse, when I tried to snap it back into the normal position it wouldn't lock.

It will however lock if i push it about an inch closer to the window, in which case I cannot see anything in the mirror when I am driving.

Therefore I have to turn it to sit in an "unlocked" position if i wish to see it while driving. The problem with this is that whenever I start the ignition, it automatically turns until it is spun right around

My guess is that it has slipped of the mechanical track that it is supposed to be on so I want to get in there and have a look before i bite the bullet and buy a new mirror altogether

So essentially my question is does anyone know how to pull apart the outside casing of the mirror without breaking it or do I have to take the whole mirror off to have a look inside it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you can all help me!
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