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I just installed a Dension gateway lite bt, and when i got to the part about connecting the brown wire to the phone mute socket, i couldn't, because i couldn't see that there was one. Thing is, when i tested it before i put the car back together, it worked...audio muted, phone rang etc. When driving home the day after, it didn't work, i had to pause my ipod myself. So, clearly, that brown needs to go somewhere, and i cannot find a definitive answer as to where it must go, so does anyone have any ideas or answers please.

also, there was mention of a loose black wire that should be connected to the chassis of the radio, i didn't see a loose black wire, and so i didn't do that bit, but the playing of the ipod etc works fine (apart from the phone bit of course) do i really need to find that black wire and do something with it?


update: for some reason, a mate asked me if the bluetooth phone thing worked ok without the engine on, and it does, the ipod mutes itself and everything. why would it do that with the engine off and not work properly when driving.
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