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BTCC Donnington 13/14/15 April 2012

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Not a meeting thread as such ...... is anyone else going to the BTCC at Donny? I'm planning on going camping for the weekend.

Just saying ..............
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me and the mrs might be down ! was planning on flying down on the sunday morning but cant find a flight for love nor money :(
were supposed to be at a bodybuilding competition on the saturday night to support a mate but may have to miss that and drive down , if we do i will make sure we leave saturday morning and chuck the tent in the boot :D
Hope to be going !
I will be hopefully
Looks like there will be a few of us then. Craig and Lee, you already have my mobile so feel free to give us a bell on race day and we'll meet up to watch a few races. Rowbo, if you are going mate I'll pm you my mobile so we can all meet up if you wish.
Defo be there what time people meeting
At the moment I have no idea.

I'm planning on camping so I'll be there already, if I go I'll pm you my mob number nearer the time.

I'll be there!
I'll be there!
its on our doorstep, it'll be rude not to :)
just purchased my weekend camping and race tickets so I'm definately going now. Hopefully see you all there.
Right, only a few days away, if anyone is going for just raceday or the whole weekend feel free to pm me and we can arrange to meet up. I'll be there with two of my sons and a mate.

Bring on the beers and BTCC.
I was thinking about going for just the race, how much is it for pay on arrival on the Sunday?
It's £30 if you pay on the gate on Sunday.
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