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So this will be my first car and wondering if I should go with it and for how much. I'm due to see it in person so this may affect my decision. The car has 90K miles on the clock, and going by MOT history nothing out of the ordinary. Has 1 previous owner, and has been serviced regularly (supposedly).

Cosmetically it has 2 small dents, sat nav is a bit beat and cracked around the fascia and 1 rim is chipped slightly in places

I don't have much experience on mileage but 90K over 7-8 years seems a great deal doesn't it? Obviously will do my best to verify how well it was taken care of. The body kit has won me over though so Si/normal trims don't feel that great. + the insurance is much cheaper than the probably due to how rare it is.

Anyone well inclined on the used mk8 market able to suggest what to pay for one? Will ofc do a HPI check just prior to payment. Anything else I'm missing that is important to take into account since it is my first used car purchase.

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