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Buying advice

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Hi, new to the forums so didn't know where to put this.

Buying my 2nd car and been dead set on ages now for getting a Civic Sport 2004/2005 (cant afford insurance on Type R as only 18)

To cut a long story short, after 3 weeks of searching I finally found one to my spec. I'm fussy and will only buy it in black etc. So got lots of info of seller. Few things concerned me though. First of all he said he was 20 with 2 kids, lost his licence at 17 hence why atm he's still on R's as only re-done his test 6 months ago. I thought I'd see it anyway then when I asked for address he told me he would meet me in a filling station as its handier? :confused:

Needless to say, called the whole thing off as I thought it was dodgy as hell.
Did I make right choice? As I said, only 18 so don't have much experience buying off private sellers but I always read off websites to always meet at sellers house.

Thanks to those who reply in advance.
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If it feels wrong and sounds wrong....then don't do it. If the seller had nothing to hide then he should have invited you to his address (unless he was trying to protect himslef). Anyways, to me you made the right choice. Better safe than sorry.
Doesnt sound good mate if your not happy just walk away.
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