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in the end after speaking several times ABP tells me this. I hope it serves more people.

That's right. So you you have the correct bolts now. They will fit your car, as the diesels use the smaller bolts (different to Type R) We have double checked this.

The bolts need to be smaller due to the cam that is fitted. You should have a new nut to use with the Eibach bolt. I hope this makes sense.

But you do have the correct bolts 60K for your diesel Civic. They will work and will allow adjustment of the front camber 馃憤馃憤馃憤

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Sorry im confused. Which bolts do you now have for fitting? As they have explained you get a smaller bolt than normal or you wouldn't get the Cam through the hole. This elliptical lobe then turns inside the space between the shock absorber and the hub. The bolt shaft then moves side to side. You dont need a new nut as there is a new nut supplied.
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